Erta Ale Erta Ale (or Ertale or Irta’ale) is a continuously active basaltic shield volcano in the Afar Region of northeastern Ethiopia. It is situated in the Afar Depression, a badland desert area spanning the border with Eritrea. Erta Ale is the most active volcano in Ethiopia.alley, which starts at the Red Sea and continues through the Danakil Depression (a desert area that contains one of the lowest points on the earth’s surface) into southern Ethiopia, ending in Mozambique in Southern Africa The Afar people call it Erta Ale, literally meaning “The smoking of Mountain”. As part of the East African Rift System, Erta Ale is an isolated basaltic shield volcano that is the most active volcanic lake in Ethiopia.

Listed as the most active volcano in the world with having hosted a permanent lava lake for longer than125 years, it has been in a state of continuous eruption scince1965. Passing through the hottest climate, driving on the geologically recently solidified volcanic magma and trekking for two to three hours to reach the top of the calderas will make your trip an adventurous one. By the time you reach at the calderas, you will totally forget what you just left behind and will be looking forward to what you are hearing, which seems like the sound of water being drifted to the shore by the wind.