A Look At The Thriving Yet Simple Life of The Ari Tribe

The Lower Omo Valley in Ethiopia is one of the most unique regions not only in Africa but in the world. This lush, picture-perfect region is home to so many different peoples so if you’re looking to run in with a famous Ethiopia Tribe, this is the place to be. Today we’ll take a closer at the Ari tribe of Ethiopia. These fascinating people are known for their prowess in agriculture and pottery-making. One of their most distinguishing factors is their natural blue eyes, although this phenomenon doesn’t necessarily occur in all the Ari people.

The remoteness of the Lower Omo Valley also means that for the most part, they have been able to retain their cultural integrity, although continued interest shown by the modern world will no doubt erode this eventually. New roads are being constructed with plans for large dam and irrigation projects being planned by the Ethiopian government, which has to potential to permanently change the lifestyle of the many indigenous peoples that call it home.

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