Ethio Afro Tours has been providing quality service for leisure seeking tourists and business visitors to Ethiopia and it is an experienced private tour and travel agency providing quality service.

Staffed with a highly qualified team, Ethio Afro Tours specializes in coordinating tours for safaris, expeditions and birding throughout Ethiopia that are tailored to individuals or groups! Planning a vacation trip, that is unique and off the beaten track.

Well there is no other unique place like Ethiopia, a country with diverse landscape, 2,000 years civilization, unique wild life, various cuisine and welcoming people. Visiting Ethiopia is lifelong dream for many people. If you ask around, it is most likely you will discover that others have the same interest in visiting Ethiopia as you do. Just imagine sharing an incredible vacation with friends or family while traveling through some of the most breathtaking nature and a land of contrasts.

Ethiopia is Old, Old beyond all imagination. ‘Fair price, alwayss smiling, great service and hospitality. Please come and enjoy the spectacular sights Ethiopia has to offer-Afar, Lalibela, Simien Mountains,Tigray and more’



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Climate The climate is temperate in the highlands and hot in the lowlands. The mean minimum during the coldest season is 6˚C (43˚F) while the mean maximum rarely exceeds 26˚C (79˚F).

Money Matters  The Ethiopian currency is the Birr, made up of 100 cents. Notes are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100. There are five different coins: 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents.

Unique Ceremonies Ethiopia has numerous national and local holidays which are celebrated throughout the year. Each of the 54,000 parish Churches and 800 monasteries have at least one minor monthly and one major annual festival.

Security Ethiopia is generally a very safe country. However, casual theft and pick-pocketing are common in some parts of the country. We recommend a lightweight passport pouch that can be worn under your clothing.

Food The Ethiopian national dish consists of Injera, made out of grain known as Teff. Originally, Teff used to grow only in Ethiopia.

Customs After a close personal relationship has been established, people of the same sex may kiss three times on the cheeks. Greetings should never be rushed and it is appropriate to inquire about the person’s family, health, job, etc. The offer of tea and coffee is very common.

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Ethio Afro Tours is an outstanding tour company combining the best service with the most customised and tailor-made tour packages designed according to our clients’ needs (budget oriented or higher end, natural or cultural focus, etc.).

Ethio Afro Tours has experience working with individual tourists, groups of tourists, journalists, documentary film makers, university researchers, UN organizations, embassies, etc. Our Company has a friendly and experienced team of drivers, guides, and tour managers.


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